Born in Spain in 1978 in a craftsmen's family. After studying industrial electro-mechanics, i joined the Leon school of fine arts, where i discovered enjoying the arts, through an anti-academic and self-taught way. 

In the year 2000, i moved to barcelona prosecuting his real vocation : "sound arts". After doing some courses in audio, i began to work as sound designer, recording artist, Dj and musician. Then i began to work in electronics, forgetting computers, and rediscovering the pleasure to work with the hands. 

Actually my main project is a "synth-art" based project, recycling on a physical as well as on a sound level. Here, the synthesizers are not only sound generators, but also have generate their own aesthetic.  

I'm also part of the group Sonom "emotional waves research" ( a copyleft philosophy based collective, focusing and investigating the aesthetics of waves and the relation with the human emotions.